David Stovall

David Stovall

David Stovall is Associate Professor of Educational Policy Studies and African-American Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His scholarship investigates Critical Race Theory, concepts of social justice in education, the relationship between housing and education, and the relationship between schools and community stakeholders. In the attempt to bring theory to action, he has spent the last ten years working with com munity organizations and schools to develop curriculum that address issues of social justice. He also works with a collective of college professors in California, Arizona, and New York who teach high school courses in addition to their duties and responsibilities as university faculty. “I’ve been working with this group for eight years. The idea is to provide historically underserved schools with college access through their interactions with us. We’ve been enrolling the students that take classes with us in our respective universities to get early college credit.”


He is a member of the Greater Lawndale/Little Village School of Social Justice High School design team, which opened in the Fall of 2005, where he also serves as a volunteer social studies teacher.

Professor Stovall is a founding member of Chicago Grassroots Curriculum Taskforce, a local collective of school and community-based educators with the specific goal of disseminating and creating K-16 curriculum for Chicago residents and future teachers, and a member of I-SEEED (Institute for Sustainable Economic and Educational Development), a national/international collective of youth, K-16 educators, and community activists aimed at developing sustainable economic and educational plans for historically marginalized, under-resourced and disinvested communities.

A Chicago native, Professor Stovall’s motivation for going into the field was the combination of family members, neighbors, and members of community organizations that supported him in doing educational justice work without fear of persecution.