I-SEEED Doctoral Fellows

Felicia Gangloff-Bailey
Educational Psychology Doctoral Student

Felicia Gangloff-Bailey is currently an educational psychology doctoral student in the human development and psychoeducational studies department of the School of Education at Howard University.


Her dissertation, under the advisement of Dr. Kimberley Freeman, explores the relationships between racial socialization messages received from hip-hop and racial identity on the motivational beliefs of African American college students. Implications of her work will provide added understanding of the intersections of motivation processes and racial and cultural variables to further understand African American student achievement.

Felicia is currently an evaluation and research analyst intern with the Tracking and Evaluation (TE) component of the Georgetown/Howard Universities Clinical Center
for Translational Sciences (GHUCCTS). Felicia has also received the graduate student education and outreach award for Howard University Research Day (2014) and is a 2014 cohort member of the Edward Alexander Bouchet Graduate Honor Society.

Felicia is a member of the Excellence and Motivation in Education Research Group (EMERG) and is serving as an Educational Psychology Student Association (EPSA) executive board member at her university.