Antwi Akom Keynotes at US Green Building Council’s Annual Greenbuild Conference

View Antwi Akom’s Interview at US Green Building Council’s Annual Greenbuild Conference

View this Greenbuild interview with Dr. Antwi Akom, Ph.D where the scholar-entrepreneur discusses his work and his presentation kicking off the affordable Housing Summit at Greenbuild 2014 New Orleans. Dr. Akom is part of new generation of professors, innovators and entrepreneurs building technology to mobilize people and solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. He co-founded I-SEEED- an award-winning non-profit, building sustainable cities/schools- and Streetwize – a community-driven mobile/mapping/SMS platform. Dr. Akom has held positions at UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, UCSF and SFSU.




Green Building Alliance Director Mike Schiller (left) and lecturer with Inspire Speaker Series event Antwi Akom. Photo Courtesy GBA

Antwi Akom interviewed on Pittsburgh Public Radio

How do we develop a sharing economy that respects the environment and diverse communities?

Antwi Akom, an environmental sociologist spoke on the topic in Pittsburgh as part of the Green Building Alliance’s Inspire Speakers Series, has some ideas about how to get it right.

Listen here:


Antwi Akom interviewed on Pittsburgh Public Radio

Listen to Antwi Akom’s interview on 90.5AM Essential Pittsburgh Radio:

Antwi Akom focuses on two main questions: How do we create more just, sustainable and smarter cities? And how do we create more democratic models of civic and community engagement?


Jeff Duncan-Andrade selected for CABE Social Justice and Courage to Act Award

Board of Directors of the California Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) selected Dr. Jeff Duncan-Andrade as a recipient of the CABE 2014 Social Justice and the Courage to Act award. The award will be presented at the 39th Annual CABE Conference which will be held on April 2-5 in Anaheim, CA


 I-SEEED featured in W.K. Kellogg Foundation’s Annual Report

WKK Report.JDA.Final

Download I-SEEED Founder Jeff Duncan-Andrade’s article here: Kellogg Report ISEEED Article

Download full report here: Kellogg 2013 Annual Report


Jeff Duncan-Andrade interviewed on “Community Focus”

Listen to I-SEEED’s Director of Educational Equity speak on popular New Orleans public radio program.

Jeff Duncan – Andrade Keynote Speaker for Louisiana Association of Charter Schools: The aim is to end Poverty

I-SEEED’s Director of Educational Equity was the keynote speaker for the Sixth annual meeting of the Louisiana Association of Public Charter Schools last week.

Duncan-Andrade, challenged Louisiana educators to tackle racism, poverty and stress if they want to reach their students.

“The purpose of education is not to escape poverty,” Jeff Duncan-Andrade said. “The purpose of education is to end it.”

Louisiana has about 110 charter schools serving roughly 50,000 students.

About 80 percent are in New Orleans, and those schools are a key part of the city’s bid to upgrade its long-troubled public school system after it was largely toppled by Hurricane Katrina.

Duncan-Andrade said students in low-income areas in east Oakland and elsewhere are often plagued by what amounts to a form of post traumatic stress disorder, sparked by a wide range of social ills, including violence.

“If the school ain’t better than society then society ain’t going to get better,” he said during his 90-minute address.

Read more at The Advocate online here



Jeff Duncan – Andrade speaks to Vallejo Schools

Jeff Duncan-Andrade, and Director of Educational Equity at I-SEEED, talks to Vallejo educators about the importance of knowing the context in which their students go to school. Duncan-Andrade will work with Vallejo teachers and administrators for the next school year, which starts Monday. (Photo Credit: Lanz Christian Banes/Times-Herald)

When Vallejo students return to classes Monday morning, most will come back to a system designed to catch them when they fall, or so district officials hope.

That’s because the district is tripling the number of its full-service community school this year, bringing under one roof a variety of services ranging from feeding hungry students to dealing with teenagers on probation.

This marks a shift in philosophy for Vallejo, which now espouses the idea that if schools take care of the whole child, rising test scores will follow.

Read more at the Times Herald Online here.

I-SEEED Hosts Oakland Youth Poet Laureate

Obasi Davis Named 2013 Oakland Youth Poet Laureate




Seventeen-year-old Obasi Davis is the City of Oakland’s 2013 Youth Poet Laureate. Born and raised in Oakland, Obasi is a founding member of its heralded poetry ensemble Young, Gifted and Black. A tenacious student of prose and poetry since age 12, he has dedicated himself to his craft in workshops, at open mics and on stage at some of the nation’s largest performance venues. He’s shown tremendous leadership as a member of Spokes, Youth Speaks’ teen advisory board and production training program. In August 2013, he will represent the Bay Area as a member of its delegation to Brave New Voices, an international Teen Poetry Slam and Festival.

At the heart of Obasi’s work is a probing and truthful lyric, brimming with the honest imagery of disenfranchised America. Obasi writes for those who aren’t yet heard, chanting down corruption with nuance, maturity and charisma beyond his years. As a burgeoning wordsmith, his style conjures Etheridge Knight, Tupac Amaru, Gil Scott Heron and Kendrick Lamar. Obasi Davis is sure to join the ranks of these titans as his work promises a long, impactful career in the literary arts.

As Youth Poet Laureate, Obasi will have his work published, make public appearances, and will receive a college scholarship with academic support from ScholarMatch.


I-SEEED Selected for Prestigious Silicon Valley Community Foundation Community Leadership Project (CLP)

Press Release – Silicon Valley Community Foundation Chooses 10 Nonprofits For Community Leadership Project

MOUNTAIN VIEW — Silicon Valley Community Foundation announced today it has selected 10 local organizations to participate in the Community Leadership Project, a three-year initiative to increase the capacity and sustainability of nonprofit groups that serve low-income communities and communities of color in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. SVCF will award a total of $800,000 to the organizations participating in the Community Leadership Project.

Over a three-year period, each organization will receive grants totaling $80,000, including $60,000 for operations and $20,000 for capacity-building. SVCF will bring together representatives of the grantee organizations to work and learn together on organizational problem-solving and other capacity-building issues. The community foundation will also help the organizations gain access to possible sources of philanthropic funding and increase their visibility to the public.

Funding for this second phase of the Community Leadership Project (CLP) comes from generous grants from the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. The first phase of the CLP began in 2009 when, after a rigorous selection process, SVCF was chosen to guide a group of organizations in building their capacity to serve their communities and in achieving financial sustainability. After evaluation of the CLP’s impact in 2012, the Hewlett, Irvine and Packard foundations decided to create a CLP 2.0 to continue and expand the work. Again, the community foundation was selected as a partner.

The new CLP grantees are:

“We are excited to begin work with these organizations, which are fulfilling important roles in their communities. This work is about giving low-income communities and people of color greater access to philanthropic resources that our region has in abundance,” said Mauricio Palma, SVCF’s director of initiatives. “CLP helps put grantee organizations and Silicon Valley Community Foundation at the forefront of creating vibrant communities.”

During the initial phase of the Community Leadership Project in 2009, SVCF awarded operating and capacity-building grants to 11 organizations. These organizations achieved many successes, from the Sikh Coalition’s successful advocacy efforts with the United States Justice Department, to the Multicultural Institute’s expansion of its facilities to serve additional clients in the East Bay, to the Foundation for a College Education being honored with a Chamber of Commerce award. SVCF also was able to attract an additional $500,000 from multiple funders and donors to support these efforts and leverage the $1 million in funding it received from the Hewlett, Irvine and Packard foundations.

For more information about CLP, please visit

About Silicon Valley Community Foundation
Silicon Valley Community Foundation makes all forms of philanthropy more powerful. We serve as a catalyst and leader for innovative solutions to our region’s most challenging problems and give more money to charities than any other community foundation in the United States. The community foundation has approximately $3 billion in assets under management and more than 1,650 philanthropic funds. As Silicon Valley’s center of philanthropy, we provide individuals, families and corporations with simple and effective ways to give locally and around the world. Find out more at

NBC News covers Dr. Antwi Akom on Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant

Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant Through the Eyes of Oakland: Zimmerman verdict opens old wounds for many in the Bay Area. While the Bay Area has long been a haven of acceptance, many say there is still a divide. Jodi Hernandez reports.

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CBS Reports on East Oakland Step to College Program


East Oakland Program Sending 100% Of Grads To College

A college prep program in East Oakland has produced an amazing result: 100 percent of the graduating class is going to college. A young woman who is the first in her family to graduate high school is among those graduating. Da Lin reports.
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