Pin@y Educational Pathways (PEP)

Principal Investigator: Allyson Tintiangco-Cubales, Ph.D.

Established in 2001, PEP is a service learning program that has created a “partnership triangle” between the university, public schools, and the community to develop this counter-pipeline that produces critical educators and curriculum at all levels of education and in the community. PEP’s partnership triangle includes: San Francisco State University’s (SFSU) Asian American Studies (AAS) Department, San Francisco public schools, the Filipino Community Center (FCC), and the Filipino American Development Foundation (FADF). Uniquely, our counter-pipeline implements a transformative decolonizing curriculum and pedagogy, incorporating all grade levels including primary, middle, secondary, and post-secondary students. As volunteer teachers of the program, graduate and undergraduate SFSU students, most of whom want to pursue careers in education or community service, receive a unique opportunity to teach critical Filipina/o American studies. They gain skills in the practice of critical pedagogy, curriculum development, lesson planning, and teaching.