Published in: Education as Freedom: African American Educational Thought and Activism. Eds. N. S. Anderson and H. Kharem

Full Title: Research for Liberation – Du Bois, the Chicago School, and the Development of Black Emancipatory Action Research

Love and Healing are amongst the most most revolutionary ideals available to us, and yet academics and activists across the African Diaspora have failed miserably to grapple with their sociological, psychological, and political significance (Kelley 2002). Despite over a decade of writing about racial identity and youth development I am only just beginning to see the ways in which love and healing lie at the very heart of the most radical social movements in education and beyond. I had been thinking about these issues when I was invited to take part in Ghana’s fiftieth anniversary of African Independence. In many ways the opportunity to take part in Ghana’s fiftieth anniversary, particularly contemporary re-imagining of PanAfricanism, brought many of these issues to the forefront.