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Full Title: Toward an Eco-Pedagogy: Urban Youth Use Digital Media to Combat Environmental Racism


The buzz around eco-sustainability these days seems to have reached a feverish pitch, and a legion of youth eco-activists in the Bay Area has much to do about this. To borrow from an ancient Afro-Latina/o philosophy, raising awareness is the first critical step in moving any system toward meaningful action. Since 2006, I have been working with a group of youth in the Bay Area around issues of environmental justice, eco-sustainability and educational equity. The name of our group is Youth as Public Intellectuals (YPI). YPI is an urban environmental education and youth empowerment program created specifically to address the unique ecological, educational and social concerns of urban youth living in the “toxic triangle” that runs from Richmond, CA through the city of Berkeley, CA to Oakland, CA and across the bay bridge to Bay View Hunters Point.