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Institute for Sustainable Economic, Educational, Environmental Design

About Us

I-­SEEED strives to build an ecosystem of "solutionists" to solve our communities' most pressing social problems.
We believe that through innovative economic, educational, environmental design, and cutting edge technology,
we can create just and sustainable communities for all.

Our Vision & Mission

I-­SEEED is a national research, education, and technology institute working to ensure racial justice, equitable development, and just sustainability for all. We ensure that communities have a voice in the decisions that impact their daily lives through organizing, leadership development, game-changing technologies, culturally and community pedagogies, creative place-making, and creating new models of direct democracy. I-­SEEED builds power and self-determination in low-income communities and communities of color by increasing civic participation, improving local economies, bettering our environment, transforming education, and increasing access to opportunity for our nations most vulnerable populations.
Our website is currently under construction.

Please contact Program Manager Tessa Cruz at for
inquiries regarding our work.