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Below is the progress of our charity campaign to support local projects related to ecology and human rights.

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I-SEEED’s vision is to create sustainable cities and schools so that people do not have to leave their communities to live, learn, work, and thrive.

Company Overview

The Institute for Sustainable Economic, Educational, and Environmental Design (I-SEEED) is a research, community building, and advocacy organization that works to:
  1. Create the next generation of climate scientists, energy innovators, and social justice urban educators from low-income communities and communities of color.
  2. Connect renewable energy and STEM education with low-income communities in order to propel renewable energy transfer from research and development to commercial application, job creation, and sustainable community development.
  3. Develop equitable approaches to building healthy communities that promote achievement and improve livelihoods.

I-SEEED harnesses the expertise and imagination of local residents, schools and universities, community-based organizations, and businesses in order to generate practical solutions for people and the planet. Through deep investments in people, place, systems and structures we believe we can fundamentally change and transform the built environment and provide opportunities for children and families to reach their full potential.

I-SEEED believes that through education and local knowledge we can inspire individuals everywhere to bring forth a thriving, just and sustainable world. Through innovative investments in educational and environmental systems; strong partnerships with community, K-12, higher education, and industry; diverse and talented leadership; and state of the art science and technology–we can meet the educational, environmental, cultural, social, and workforce needs of the 21st century.